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1. Custom PC Assembling


Custom PC can be assembled based on the customer’s requirement. And we can deliver it anywhere in India if request received online.

2. Operating System Services


Operating System Installation & Updation can be done. Original Windows OS available for cheaper price. Linux can be installed for free. Hackintosh (macOS on custom PCs) also can be done.

3. Older Systems Upgradation


Sick of your slow computer? We are here to help you to upgrade your current computer so that you don't have to buy a new one. Upgrades are for better speed and performance, can be done along with cleaning and heat management.

4. Networking Support


Networking Support for home & office can be done. Consultation can be provided which devices & accessories to buy and to improve the existing networking setup as this is important these days since lot of people work from home. Wi-Fi setup to achieve no Wi-Fi dead zone can be done.

5. Free Consultation


Free consultation to buy anything from us, related to computers, gadgets, technology & security, nothing good comes for free!

6. Software Services


Any software can be purchased and updated for computers, mobiles & any gadgets. Software updates are done for free of cost as a credit to our customers, basically Wi-Fi is completely FREE for all of our customers.

7. Security Services

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Consultation and Installation can be provided related to home & office security. Security is one of the most important safety measure that technology provided us to prevent & protect us from most of outside world threats. We have all security services that includes CCTV, Video Door Phone, Biometric Scanner, Burglar Alarm, etc.,

8. IoT & Smart Services


Consultation and Installation can be provided related to IoT Devices & Smart Devices for home & office. Smart devices are the future which can be scheduled and controlled remotely.

9. Backup Solution


Worrying about data loss? Secure your business and personal data by enabling backup solutions so that no important data is lost. We are specialised in Network Attached Storage (NAS) which is the best solution for backup.


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